Empty suit debates empty chair

Doug Forrester finally found a way to win a debate.

EWING – U.S. Senate candidate Douglas Forrester debated last night against an empty chair. For once, it was clear who won.

Forrester, a Republican, spent an hour engaged in a very one-sided debate on radio station NJ 101.5. His Democratic opponent, Frank Lautenberg, declined to appear.

That prompted NJ 101.5 news director Eric Scott to criticize Lautenberg for declining the station’s invitation.

“To my left is Douglas Forrester, Republican for U.S. Senate,” said Scott, who hosted the debate. “To his right is an empty chair.”

That was a theme Scott repeated often throughout the hour-long broadcast.

Don’t you just love petulant news directors?

Look for Forrester to join Mike Taylor and Bill Simon on the Los Tres Perdedores tour coming to a supermarket Grand Opening in your neighborhood.

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