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Charles Pierce taking Altercation for a spin. Some choice morsels:

This sounds like whistling past a not-inconsiderable graveyard, particularly if you factor in the possibility that the president’s brother may have to steal a potful of votes just to stay governor of Florida.

So Tom DeLay gets a few more votes for whatever lunacy currently is banging around his melon. In case anyone was sleeping through the whole impeachment farce, the Senate Republicans pretty much treat their House brethren like the nephews who sit in the barn playing with their toes. (And welcome aboard, Congresswoman Harris.)

All right, Democratic voters, there are the stakes. Us against Them. Go win the election. Otherwise, apologize to Ralph Nader.

It is possible that Jeb! Bush is the most insufferable public figure alive, and that’s saying something, considering the competition he faces in his own family. (Nice of him to visit Noelle in the slammer, though.). I think he’ll steal just enough to beat McBride, who bungled last night’s debate pretty badly, according to the analysis here. (He also bungled a chance to tell Tough Timmy Russert — “Apologize To America, damn you, for not being Me!” — to p*** up a rope.)

The NYT played this one way below the fold on A20, but Mike Taylor is back in it again in Montana. “I want to save democracy from the smear campaigns,” the Last Beegee told the AP. Thank you, Mike. Play that funky music, white boy.

I like this guy…

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