Somewhere, Charles Darwin is smacking himself on the forehead..

While some school districts are going to great lengths to stop the teaching of evolution, the officials at Somerville High School in New Jersey are attempting to stop some students from practicing it.

Somerville High School officials have issued stern warnings to students and sent letters to parents after learning some students were choking each other into unconsciousness as a way to experience a high.

The practice apparently got its start about three weeks ago among freshman football players, who were seeking a dizzying and euphoric high, according to students.

On Friday, principal Tim O’Halleran summoned all freshmen to an assembly at the end of the day to tell them to halt the dangerous horseplay, known variously as “California High,” “California Knockout” or “Deep Ten.”

If they don’t let the football players play “Deep Ten” (shouldn’t it be called “Six Feet Deep”?) how are we going to cull the herd?

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