A half hour later, you feel like squirting someone else again

A MAN has been fined and ordered to pay compensation for repeatedly squirting soy sauce at another man in a Brisbane shopping mall.

Brisbane’s Magistrates Court heard Mr Price had just bought lunch and was returning to work at 1.15pm ahead of Meyer on the escalator when he was squirted in the back of the trousers.

The court was told Mr Price reported feeling slight pressure and wetness on the back of his legs before turning around to find Meyer aiming the sachet of sauce at him.

The part-time City Bank customer service officer dropped the sachet and pulled out a second sachet which he also dropped to the ground when the men reached the top and Mr Price threatened to call the police.

Mr Price reported the incident to police but revealed he had been the victim of similar sauce attacks by Meyer in the past.

I love this part:

He told police he didn’t know Meyer and hadn’t given him any permission to squirt sauce at him or assault him in any way.

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