Disgruntled fired employee speaks out about guy who eventually replaced him

George H. W. Bush, the Preppy Cadaver and failed former President who didn’t win a Nobel Prize even though Michael Kelly seems to think he deserves one, and who was fired by the American voters in 1992 for poor performance, had a few thing to say in Des Moines:

Former President George Bush said Sunday in Des Moines that his son faces the toughest times in the White House since the Civil War.

“The fact is he is wrestling with problems probably as tough as any president has wrestled with since Lincoln,” Bush said in headlining a fund-raising dinner for U.S. Rep. Greg Ganske’s bid for the U.S. Senate.

But what was more interesting was what he didn’t say:

Bush said nothing in his 15-minute address about his son’s effort to oust President Saddam Hussein in Iraq – a nation whose army U.S. and allied forces drove from Kuwait in 1991, when the elder Bush was president.

Bush also said nothing about the nation’s wobbly economy, the very issue blamed for his re-election defeat in 1992


Sunday’s event in Des Moines was expected to bring in $250,000 for the Ganske campaign. The Republican congressman has raised $4.3 million for his Senate bid, and incumbent Democrat Tom Harkin has raised $8.1 million, according to the most recent campaign-finance reports.

Bush said he wasn’t visiting to disparage Harkin, although “I very rarely got a vote out of the guy,” he quipped. He referred to Harkin’s vote against the Persian Gulf War resolution in 1991. “Tom Harkin was unable to join me in that quest for the Senate to vote for that approval,” he said.

He later praised Iowa’s Republican Sen. Charles Grassley, but he did not mention that Grassley also opposed the Gulf War resolution

Poppy also made comments on his sons winning governerships and his marriage to this Barbara Bush, not this one, who is his granddaughter :

Bush, now 78, joked about election night 1998 when then-Texas Gov. George W. Bush was re-elected to a second term and his brother, Jeb, was elected governor of Florida.

He said he told his wife, Barbara, that “I believe this is the happiest day in my entire life.”

Bush said his wife responded sharply: “What about the day we were married?”

“That was a very nice day, too,” he said.

Of course he neglected to mention his fling with Jennifer Fitzgerald, which was probably a doomed tragic affair and so it’s best not to bring it up because he gets all weepy about it and probably has to go out on his cigarette boat and drive at high speeds while She’s Out Of My Life blasts from the speakers….

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