…and I’ll bring all eight of the people that are going to vote for me to the ticket…

With Mike Taylor, Hairdresser to the Missoulans, dropping out of in the Montana Senate Race, the state of Montana has gotten more press than it really, really deserves. I mean, c’mon, it’s Montana, for Christ’s sake. When was the last time you stopped during the workday and thought “Man. I sure could use a vacation in Couer d’Alene” which is very sad because Couer d’Alene isn’t even in Montana, it’s in Idaho. You see, when people in Montana want to have a good time they go to Idaho, and I can’t think of can’t anything more pathetic than that.

What the hell was I talking about…?

Oh yeah. The Libertarian candidate for the Senate seat announced that he would switch to the Republican side if he won the election.

HELENA – Stan Jones, Libertarian candidate for U.S. Senate, promised Friday to change parties to Republican if he is elected, to give the GOP control of the U.S. Senate.

“I would do it only if (the Republicans) appointed me to the Senate Judiciary Committee so I could pass the final vote on judges,” Jones said.

When flamboyant and disturbingly fey Republican nominee Mike Taylor dropped out of the election because he was startled to find out that he was apparently gay back in the seventies, he was holding at about about 33% of the vote. If Stan Jones were to capture all of Taylors support, and combine it with his own, he would end up with about…33% of the vote.

Missoulans were not available for comment as they were all in Couer d’Alene gawking at the bright lights and that big city living….

(By the way…if you’re interested in visiting Couer d’Alene here is how far they have gotten on their official website.)

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