…as if you didn’t already see this over at Eschaton…

Sysiphus Shrugged has this up, and it’s very important. It’s all well and good to sit around on our blogs bitching and complaining about the state of the USA during these dark (Bush) days, but the time has come to get off your ass and do something about it. MoveOn, which should get consideration for the next Nobel Peace Prize (if it’s okay with that dick, Michael Kelly, the potato-headed bastard) is helping to organize volunteers to help in important races throughout the country. You can’t complain about what Bush is doing to the country unless you go out and fight back.

If you miss the good old Clinton days of peace, prosperity, environmental protection, and sultry illicit blow jobs, this is a way to reclaim them.

Remember: nothing is over until we say it’s over…..

I’ll be back posting on Sunday night. Remember to send in your Massachusetts Tourist slogans. The fate of New England rests in your hands…

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