In dog years she would have been 98, which is actually pretty old

Richard Gardner of Nevada isn’t exactly a Republican dream candidate:

Republican Assembly candidate Richard Gardner is not eligible to vote due to a felony conviction, and thus, cannot win his race for Assembly District 14, Clark County officials said Friday.

Gardner said it is all a mistake and he never had his right to vote removed after he was convicted in California 15 years ago on a felony sex crime for lewd and lascivious behavior with a child under the age of 14.

But he has good news:

“I had a problem,” Gardner said. He said he sought counseling at church, but the bishop said it was against the law.

“And on my own, without being caught or anything else, I turned myself in,” Gardner said. “I called them and told them what the difficulty was and everything went downhill from there. I was never arrested.”

Now, Richard, or should we call him Dick, thinks he should still be able to vote and hold office. Call me old-fashioned, but having sex with a minor qualifies you to be the King of Pop, not to be an Assemblyman. Even from Vegas.

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