Well, you see, we got all caught up in American Idol, then there was that Jackass marathon on MTV…

Looks like someone hasn’t been doing their homework…:

WASHINGTON –– Government attorneys admitted Thursday they haven’t completely reviewed documents from Vice President Dick Cheney’s energy task force, despite claiming that they “all involve sensitive communications between and among the president and his closest advisers” that should be kept secret.

U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered task force documents to be made public by Nov. 5 and said he was shocked the Justice Department attorneys had not examined all the documents after asserting for more than a year that each of them involved confidential information.

“That is a startling revelation,” Sullivan said, after rejecting the Bush administration’s claim that he lacks authority to order the release of the task force papers.

For clarity’s sake:

~They said that the papers had “sensitive communications” between President Harken, Vice President Halliburton and their “advisors”.


~They actually hadn’t read them


~They lied.

Aren’t there laws against that?

Never mind. They’re Crisco John’s boys, They make law, they don’t follow it.

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