Another contest…..wheeeee!!!!

Jeepers, the Name that War contest was such a hit, I thought I’d try another one.

The state of Massachusetts is trying to come up with a new advertising slogan. Now I don’t live in Massachusetts but I like any state that gave us Barney Frank and Legal Seafood, so I thought we could all help out. Anything has got to be better than “Massachusetts . . . Make it Yours”. The following slogans have already been passed over:

Get Your Ass To Mass. (apparently the Boston Diocese owns that one…but it’s on hiatus)

Catch a Falling Kennedy!

The Big Dig…It’s Really…. Big

The Other Thing That’s Between Buckner’s Legs

Home of the Wappah


Baked Beans…and Senators, too!

Anyway, email your suggestions and I’ll put up the good ones Sunday night, if I’m not too sleepy.

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