“You like kids? Me too! Can I buy you a Jagermeister?”

Former father, and current Christian-singles sleaze-bag, Rusty Yates is getting on with his life. Some choice tidbits:

Attorneys for Andrea Yates, the Houston woman who drowned her five children, can now proceed with her appeal. An anonymous donor last week agreed to pay the roughly $50,000 cost of preparing a transcript of her trial—the first step in launching her appeal.

ATTORNEY GEORGE PARNHAM wouldn’t identify the donor. But Debbie Holmes, a close friend of Yates’s, questioned why Rusty Yates couldn’t come up with the cash himself to help free his wife. She noted that he recently moved out of the family home into a nearby luxury-apartment complex that boasts a stocked fishing pond, white-sand beach, resort-style pool with cabana and gym. One-bedroom units in the pink Mediterranean-style complex rent for nearly $1,000 a month.

Rusty made his wife and 5 children live in a converted Greyhound bus during his old “ball and chain” days. Which leads to this:

For his part, the NASA shuttle engineer told NEWSWEEK that he moved out of the house where his children died because he wanted to simplify his life. “I don’t want to spend my time cutting tree limbs,” he says. As for the appeal, which he gives only a 30 percent chance of success, Rusty says he’s paid all he’s going to pay. “What I spend on food and lodging is nothing compared to what I’ve paid in legal expenses,” he says. “I’ve lost money in this, not made it. I’ve given all that I want to give.” His pastor, the Rev. Byron Fike, says he remains involved in the church: playing basketball, attending men’s prayer sessions and becoming involved in the singles group.

“Being apart from Andrea has been an extreme struggle,” he says, adding that he is allowed to hug her only once a month. “Andrea and I need to sit down and work out where we’re going from here.”

Andrea Yates sits in a cell while Rusty Yates ponders which is better ‘seduction’ music: Enya or Jars of Clay.

(Side-note: What kind of singles complex has a “stocked fishing pond”? Oh wait…we’re talkin’ Texas here, aren’t we?)

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