He only comes out at night

Every night, just when I’m ready to go to bed, I end up checking on Sullivan, which is my equivalent of checking for monsters under the bed. He never fails to disappoint:

SONTAG AWARD NOMINEE: “When asked by worried friends and acquaintances whether the President was borrowing his geopolitical theory from the diaries of Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, I assured them that the President didn’t have the patience to read more than two or three pages of a Tom Clancy novel.” – Lewis Lapham, editor of Harper’s, in the print edition of the October issue (discovered by the More Than Zero blog.)

Now, as I understand the “Sontag Award” it is in reference to putative “anti-Americanism” such as blaming the US for for provoking 9/11, ad nauseum. As I read Lapham’s comments, he appears to be criticizing President Coloring Book for his lack of intellectual depth as well as his abbreviated attention span. So it would now seem that Andy has taken the great leap forward and equates criticism of Bush with criticism of America. After all, what’s good for President Chimpy is good for the USA…


HE LINKED! It turns out Jim Romenesko actually linked to a piece criticizing the newly leftward spin of the New York Times. I under-estimated him. Let me know the next time he does, will you?

Here’s a better idea, Andrew. How about doing a little work and actually checking Romenesko out yourself instead of sitting on your ass whilst talking out of it, you lazy Tory slacker…

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