Spinsanity takes us for a spin

As pointed out over at Ruminate This:

I’m very often on the Spinsanity “side” when they argue against the regular flow of media distortion and lie, but not today. In his piece entitled Congressman says opponents want to protect murderers, Ben Fritz takes issue with Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA) who recently suggested on CNN’s Inside Politics, that those who oppose ballistic fingerprinting seek to protect murderers. Sure, Moran’s comment is inflammatory to anyone who labors, Come Hell or High Water to protect the interests of the gun lobby. This doesn’t surprise me – it’s an expected reaction. But, the end result of their irrational insistence on gun anonymity, is a police force unable to effectively investigate crime. What we end up with is a simple truth: criminals are shielded by irresponsible NRA policies.

I found this very intriguing so I popped on over to Spinsanity to find this:

In his statement above, Moran is clearly suggesting that opponents of ballistic fingerprinting, which can match a bullet to the gun that fired it, want to protect the sniper or other murderers. This is, of course, absurd and untrue. As White House spokesman Ari Fleischer pointed out today during a press briefing, a variety of concerns have been raised about the accuracy and reliability of such a system, as well as concerns for gun owners’ privacy.

Which is, of course, a load of crap straight from the NRA‘s fax machine (still no mention of that sniper, though). The White House’s concern about “accuracy and reliability” is in the same vein of their “concern” about global warming, which is, “it’s not our agenda or the agenda of those who put us in office, but we’re really really really concerned and we’ll look into it…never”.

While Spinsanity continues to niggle the fine points of debate, the fact remains that people are dying.

Spin that.

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