Bush to cut ribbon on Operation Inigo Montoya, Lieberman hands him the scissors

WASHINGTON –– President Bush is looking to prod the United Nations to declare resolve on Iraq as he formally accepts Congress’ go-ahead for military action against Saddam Hussein.

Bush summoned about 100 supportive lawmakers to the White House to join him Wednesday as he signed into law the newly passed resolution authorizing the use of force. A senior administration official said Bush would use a speech at the East Room ceremony to press the U.N. to adopt a new resolution compelling Iraq to submit to unconditional weapons inspections.

The president’s message came on a day when the U.N. Security Council is holding its first day of open debate on Iraq at the behest of the dozens of non-Security Council nations who oppose an attack on Baghdad. The debate is mostly designed to take the administration to task on its Iraq policies, and White House officials expected sharp criticism throughout the day.

That resolution is like a dollar in Bush’s pocket that he can’t wait to spend. Not that President Bunnypants is anxious to go to war or anything. He’s still mulling it over, because he doesn’t want to do anything rash. So we’ll just have to wait and see what he decides.

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