I was a boy-toy for the marginally talented

Neat-o. Justin Timberlake, who was a singer in one of those interchangeable boy bands that I can’t tell apart, is recording a duet with with noted batshit-crazy-woman, Mariah Carey. Oh, and they’ve been “romatically linked”, too. But, according to the story, he has also been “romantically linked” to stunningly untalented Britney Spears, Janet Jackson whose career is a death spiral, and over-emoting, won’t-she-shut-the-hell-up Christina Aguilera who appears to be so moronic that McDonalds could probably get some of that government hire-the-handicap money if they took her in.

Quite frankly, all this Timberlake “romantic linking” has a Tom Cruise-vibe to it, if you know what I mean….

Anyway, the thin- voiced Timberlake has been paired with the agressively manic-depressive Carey for a single on her next album, which nobody will buy because they are both soooo two years ago. By the end of next year, Timberlake will be asking the public if that was a venti or grande mochachino. Carey, on the other hand, will be doing modeling work for a company that manufactures really slutty-looking straitjackets.

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