Sorry. The RNC fax machine was broken.

According to the Washington Post:

President Bush acknowledged at a campaign rally today that he is worried about the stagnant job market, as the Republican Party prepared to warn candidates that most voters think the economy is going the wrong way.


The heightened focus by Bush on the economy — and the effort to shift culpability to Democrats — came as the Republican National Committee was ready to send a memo to its campaigns on Tuesday reporting that internal GOP polling shows that the economy is the most important issue to voters, followed by terrorism and education.

“The public continues to be very concerned about the economy and is somewhat less optimistic than they were a few months ago,” wrote Matthew Dowd, who was Bush’s campaign pollster and is now the party’s polling consultant. “Further, a majority of the public thinks the economy is going in the wrong direction.”

Which would mean that the much-maligned NY Times poll last week was correct.

But..but, you say, Andy Sullivan and David Tell and Dick Morris (who is never wrong) all said that the poll was wrong, that it was biased, that is was…oh never mind. Consider the source.

We will expect a Krugman-like apology from Andy somtime time on Tuesday..or Wednesday..or never.

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