Okay. The guy who wins the Risk tournament this weekend, gets to push the button.

Unfortunately it looks like the war will be conducted by people at the Pentagon who aren’t actual military, but play like they are in the administration. Bob Novak seems worried:

If there is a precise plan for action to remove Saddam Hussein from power, general officers at the Pentagon tell members of Congress that they are in the dark. This may be another example of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld working with a small circle of both official and unofficial advisers, fostering concern among career officers that plans are not being sufficiently reviewed by military experts.

Hawkish civilians, in and out of the government, have been suggesting that Saddam’s elite Republican Guard will throw up its arms in surrender. No serious person believes that. The question is whether an uprising of the persecuted Shia majority will be enough to overthrow the Baghdad regime without heavy application of U.S. force. If there is no effective revolt, the generals and their friends on Capitol Hill worry that the unknown plans may not call for sufficient U.S. forces.

Like everything else since President Fool Me Once was appointed, it gets worse:

What most bothers the generals, however, is Rumsfeld’s preference for outside advice. For example, sources say a frequent consultant with the secretary is former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an amateur military expert and member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. There is no distribution through the Pentagon of such advice.

Good lord. If he starts talking to Tom Clancy, I’m moving to Canada.

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