Would she listen if we sent her a Candygram?

Apparently Diane Feinstein doesn’t hear so well these days.

In San Francisco, groups are planning sit-ins at Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s office to protest her vote for the resolution after the California Democrat expressed opposition to it a few weeks ago. Efforts to persuade her to oppose the resolution failed despite 11,000 calls that her office logged in the week before the vote, with only 150 of those calls supporting the resolution.

Even House Minority Whip Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who opposed the resolution (after receiving 12,000 calls from constituents in three weeks, with only 20 of those supporting the resolution), is getting calls complaining about Feinstein’s vote. Brendan Daley, Pelosi’s press secretary, said her office had received a few hundred angry calls regarding Feinstein’s vote Friday morning.

This makes me soooooo glad I contributed to her campaign.

Never again.

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