War name extra’s

Some war name submission came with explanantions. Here are a few:

T-ball’s daddy named the invasion of Panama “Operation
Just Cause”. In keeping with this spirit, and
admitting the administration’s shifting rationale for
attacking Iraq, how about “Operation Just ’cause”?

The answer is in the name of the Contest: Bush’s War. He missed/avoided his chance to serve during the Vietnam War, and like most of those dodgers, he is now suffering recriminations. In his infantile mind, he will make up for his failings 30 years ago, but this time he actually gets to “preside” over a war rather than actually suffer through one

Because (a) W. is such a panty-waist momma’s boy;
and because (b) his war is merely an echo of
daddy’s Desert Shield; and because (c) the war is
designed to ‘protect Bush’ from being stained by
the fallout of the hemorrhaging economy; I
propose to call the war OPERATION PANTY SHIELD.

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