It’s name that war day

In no particular order, here are the submissions for Name That War

Pissing into the Whirlwind

Operation Bushwacked

Operation: You Tried to Kill My Dad

Operation: Because I Can (and I have a small penis)

Operation Enduring Pretext

Bush Saddam II: This Time It’s Personal

Operation OhMyPapa

Operation Protecting America’s Natural Resources Overseas

The War of the Posers

Operation My Name is Inigo Montoya

War of the Fraternities: Towel Fight!

Dubya Dubya III

The Empire Strikes First

Operation Emasculation

Operation War Ain’t Really That Bad, Is It? I mean, I really don’t know, I’m askin’, ya know?

Operation by Milton Bradley

Operation Congressional Abdication

Operation Vietnam Redux


Operation “So Damn Insane

World War W


Operation Poppy’s Revenge

“Fool my Dad once…shame on…um…Fool me the second time…uh…Hell, I’m goin’ to Texas.”

Operation Ooching Toward Oil

Operation Encourage Consumption

Operation Working Class Warrior

Operation Rich Man Deferment

Although my personal favorite was: Operation My Name is Inigo Montoya.
The name with the most submissions was the most obvious one:

World War III

Thanks to everyone who submitted…

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