Saddam on the beach

Andy Sullivan (again) making a connection that isn”t there:

THE BELL TOLLS AGAIN: I’ve been to Bali, with my old friend Max Kennedy, almost fifteen years ago. It’s a blessed little place – about as quiet and secluded and out of it as any place on earth. A mixture of Hindu culture, ancient animism, stoners from Australia, and skinny, pale Euro-hikers, it was a little bohemia all its own. Now these monsters have struck again, incinerating innocents in their murderous religious rage. There is no good here. And although Mike Kinsley will scoff at me for saying it, there is much evil. The target is not accidental. Having fun, mixing cultures, partying till dawn are all wonderful human activities that these dour murderers loathe. They hope that by targeting the “sinful,” they might even be excused by less extreme Muslims. The only good news is that Indonesia may now better understand what it’s up against; and the full inclusion of a moderate Muslim country against these Islamofascists will help greatly. The Brits and Australians, who were again among the dead, have already been spectacular in the war on terror. But perhaps now that more Germans have been murdered, Chancellor Schroder will rethink his hostility to confronting Saddam and his terrorist allies[my emphasis]

Would someone please explain to Andy for the umpteenth time that Saddam runs a secular state, that Osama hates him, and that we recognize that he is trying to link the two together just so he can use his neologism that he is soooo proud of: Islamofascists. Writing about the Bali tragedy just so you can use your new catch phrase is a sign of…. Sulli-vanity.

See. You can play at home.

One more Andy note: Sully thinks that the Taylor ads in Montana were gay-themed because…well…he should know. But I have to wonder if Andy’s sudden fascination with the Taylor campaign stems from the fact that big contributors to Mike the Hairdresser go by the name of Taylor Rough Riders.

I bet that puckered Andy’s nipples….

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