Just put those cases of Astroglide over there by the Bibles

Well, the Christian Coalition’s Road To Victory 2002 is happening this week in DC. Beltway hookers are expecting a record breaking weekend with the following special guests attending:

President George W. Bush, Speaker Dennis Hastert, Majority Leader Dick Armey, Congressman Robert Aderholt, David Barton, Congressman Roy Blunt, Pat Boone, Congressman Henry Brown, Senator Sam Brownback, Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis, Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, Don Feder, Keith Fournier, Jess Gibson, Congressman Bob Goodlatte, Congressman Lindsey Graham, Congressman Ralph Hall, Congresswoman Melissa Hart, Senator Jesse Helms, Dr. E.V. Hill, Donna Rice Hughes, Congressman Henry Hyde, Senator James Inhofe, Roy Innis, Congressman Ernest Istook, Sujo John, Congressman Walter Jones, Governor Frank Keating, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Senator Trent Lott, Senator Mitch McConnell, Judge Roy Moore, Benjamin Netanyahu, Senator Don Nickles, Oliver North, Mayor Ehud Olmert, Father Frank Pavone, Star Parker, Congressman Chip Pickering, Slavik Radchuk, Karl Rove, Phyllis Schlafly, Jay Sekulow, Senator Bob Smith, Congressman Chris Smith, Ken Starr, Secretary Tommy Thompson, Congressman Dave Weldon, Armstrong Williams, Zig Ziglar.

This doesn’t count all of the CC activists that will be in town, away from their loved ones, bringing their hopes and dreams of a Christian America as well as a Bible, a sack lunch, and that jelly dong collection they’ve been hiding in the back of the sock drawer.

Praise Jebus and pass the lube.

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