Yeah. I got’cher Nobel Prize right here…More from the Dian Fossey Chronicles

Feeling kind of Dian Fossey-esque, I decided to venture over to freerepublic and see what the droolers “think” about Jimmy Carter receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

During Carter presidency, Iran was converted to a radical Islamic fanatic state; he did not care! They invaded AMERICA, by invading our embasy; he did not care! They captured, tortured our people; he did not care! They would not listen to mediation, or international amissaries; he did not care!
So when is it appropriate to use force against these worthless ragheads?



The history of this award speaks for itself. Mr. Carter can consider himself privileged to be in company of such power hungry, self serving, pusillanimous servants of Lucifer.



The swiss are a bunch of effete pussies, they can take their prize and shove it, the next American nominated should refuse it



Carter will probably have it bronzed.



Excuse me while I go have a full body chemical peel.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....