Looking to party, sailor?

Micky Kaus finally came out of the closet by offering to service anyone who will run against Max Baucus:

In an earlier item, I suggested that Sen. Max Baucus of Montana was vulnerable to attack as weak on welfare reform. Apparently, Baucus’ GOP opponent, Mike Taylor, attempted to raise the issue earlier this year, and it didn’t take. But now Taylor has pulled a Torch and quit the race (after the Democrats ran an ad with archival footage of “Taylor applying lotions to the face of a man siting in the barber chair ….wearing a tight-fitting, three piece suit, with a big-collared open shirt”). … Perhaps former governer Marc Racicot or Lt. Gov. Karl Ohs — the rumored Lautenbergs in this potential switcheroo — will be able to more effectively use the historically potent welfare issue. … Should Racicot or Ohs (or anyone of either party) want details on Baucus’ welfare backsliding, kausfiles stands ready to provide guidance.

He’s to the left of Hillary Clinton on this issue. (Hillary signed on to the more centrist New Democrat Bayh-Carper bill) … I would guess that


over a nice grainy photo would work well. …

Dick Morris is a political hack who pretends he’s a journalist. Micky Kaus is a pretend journalist who goes out at night dressed as a political hack. Maybe they should team up. One of them seeks the company of whores, and the other one is available all night if the price is right.

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