Dian Fossey moment

If you can stand the bellowing, hooting, and general feces flinging, freerepublic is fairly entertaining in that soon-to-be-appearing-on-COPS-wearing-a wifebeater-T-and-screaming-at-the-police kind of way. Freerepublic owner, RimJob, provides a public service by providing this forum to people who might otherwise spend their time driving around Maryland thinning out the herd, if you know what I mean.

Now I won’t vouch for the veracity of this, but I find it amusing as all get out:

Appearing on Mark Larson’s Larson Live! radio show (KRLA 870AM Los Angeles, KCBQ 1170AM San Diego and KRLH 590AM in Riverside and San Bernardino) this morning, political strategist Dick Morris was asked about the California governor’s race. Noting that the current polls give Davis 45% to Simon’s 35%, Morris said that with numbers like that, if the election were held today then Simon would likely win by a small margin. Morris said that an incumbent (Davis) must get credibly close to 50% to have a reasonable chance of victory. The reason is that the challenger has less name recognition among undecided voters, who are likely to break to the challenger as they become more familiar with him. Morris says that, as an experienced campaigner, Davis is well aware of this. Davis is presently calling on Simon to step down after the latest gaffe regarding the illegal fundraising accusations by Simon. Morris said that Davis “being all over Simon” should be regarded as more of a measure of Simon’s strength than his weakness.

And to think that there are actually people who give money to Dick Morris to say and write stuff.

It’s a strange world.

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