Not that there’s anything wrong with that

Senatorial candidate Mike Taylor storms off in a huff:

HELENA, Mont. — Republican Mike Taylor dropped out of the Senate race against Democratic Sen. Max Baucus on Thursday, with his campaign complaining a Democratic ad portrayed him as a crook and a gay hairdresser.

Taylor, who was trailing Baucus badly in the polls, said the ad amounted to assassination of character.

The announcement comes less than a week after Democrats began airing the TV ad accusing Taylor of a scam involving student loan money when he ran a beauty school in Colorado. The ad includes videotape of Taylor from the 1980s in which he is wearing an open-front shirt and gold chains while massaging a man’s face.

Campaign spokesman Bowen Greenwood said Taylor, a married father of two, believes the ad is an attempt by Democrats to portray him as a homosexual.

I thought they were just trying to portray him as having really really bad taste, even by Montana standards.

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