“…so then, the policeman said “Leave the money on the bedstand…”

Okay. It isn’t enough that Bill Simon’s campaign flamed out again this week with his baseless charge against Gray Davis. But if you read deeper into the story we see this:

Monty Holden, the current executive director of COPS, which is backing Simon, told reporters that Angele and Davis were in the lieutenant governor’s office. Simon acknowledged his campaign, which has donated over $200,000 to COPS, had not sought to verify the authenticity of the photos.

Simon bought his endorsement from COPS. I’m sorry, he “donated” $200,000 to them for their “consideration” of his “candidacy” which led them, coincidentally, to list him on their mailer of voting recommendations.

Summation: he gave them $200,000…they gave him crap information and discredited all involved parties.

Bill Simon. Businessman.

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