I’m not going to be IGNORED!

Poor Andy.

Jim Romenesko’s MediaNews blog is probably the most-read journalism blog on the web. He covers every minor story out there on the media and most major ones. So why won’t he link to stories criticizing the new slant of the New York Times? This week, for example, major pieces in the Weekly Standard and the New York Post, not to mention Kausfiles and this site, all alerted readers to what seems like extraordinary bias in the presentation (yet again) of a New York Times poll. [my emphasis] Romenesko won’t touch the story. Previous mentions of criticism of the Times get filed in small print as a the whinings of a bunch of right-wing loonies. Romenesko is free to link to whatever he wants. But he has an agenda for the left and pretends he doesn’t. Of course, that’s precisely what endears him to the New York Times.

Romenesko spurns stories by Sullivan, Krugman-stalker Micky Kaus, Dick Morris (smirk), and David Tell. Kind of makes you wonder why Romenesko would take a pass on those titans of journalism. Actually, no it doesn’t.

Andy’s constant snivelling comments about being passed over for notice (NY Times recently did a story on blogs and didn’t mention him….) are starting to worry me. He’s looking like he may take the Sylvia Plath solution any day now.

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