Things that make you say…kill me now

Remember Pat Boone? The guy who makes Lee Greenwood look like Henry Rollins? Well, he’s back and if this doesn’t make you shake your head and wonder if god had an aneurysm, I don’t know what will:

Pat Boone to Unveil New Song ‘Under God’ Oct. 10

Veteran entertainer, Pat Boone …

Will unveil his new song, “Under God,” in support of the pledge of allegiance, for members of the U.S. Congress at a press
conference, hosted by the Natl. Foundation of Women Legislators

No. Really. Then this:

When, for years, it was uncool to be publicly patriotic, entertainer Pat Boone was one of the few Hollywood figures to do so anyway. Now he’s stepping back up to the patriotic plate with a newly penned anthem supporting the pledge of allegiance, titled “Under God.” It’s a catchy tune that Boone, 67, just recorded in Los Angeles and plans to release via his own record company, The Gold Label, Oct. 15. Long a favorite of the military and hard core patriots, Boone, who’s starred in numerous films, on TV and records, recently starred in an album, DVD and PBS Special, all titled “American Glory.” On Thurs., Oct. 10, Boone unveils the song
in Washington before a group of women legislators.

According to a Newsweek magazine poll, 84 percent of Americans think references to God are acceptable in school and other public settings. Not surprisingly, Boone, who also wrote the unofficial national anthem of Israel, The Exodus Song,” wants the words,
“under God,” to remain a part of the pledge, a precedent now being challenged in a San Francisco court. First penned in 1892, the
pledge has undergone various revisions over the years, most recently in 1954 when the Knights of Columbus lobbied Congress to
add the words, “Under God,” which it did.

Patriots on both sides of the aisle are already calling Boone to up to get advance copies of the song.

You know…I thought I was embarassed to be an American with President “Keep good relations with the Grecians” at the helm, but Christ in a tubetop, this is friggin’ appalling…

Thanks to Maia for bringing this to my attention…I think.

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