…and they say that all politicians are liars…

Congressman Pete Stark lays it on the line:

“Let us not forget that our President — our Commander in Chief – has no experience with, or knowledge of, war. In fact, he admits that he was at best ambivalent about the Vietnam War. He skirted his own military service and then failed to serve out his time in the National Guard. And, he reported years later that at the height of that conflict in 1968 he didn’t notice ‘any heavy stuff going on.’”

“So we have a President who thinks foreign territory is the opponent’s dugout and Kashmir is a sweater.

“What is most unconscionable is that there is not a shred of evidence to justify the certain loss of life. Do the generalized threats and half-truths of this Administration give any one of us in Congress the confidence to tell a mother or father or family that the loss of their child or loved one was in the name of a just cause?

“Is the President’s need for revenge for the threat once posed to his father enough to justify the death of any American?

“I submit the answer to these questions is no.

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