It’s a fine whine, with a sly drool undertone and just a hint of old man smell

Strom Thurmond, (R-pooped his pants again) took time out from dying today to complain that Patrick Leahy, (D-Vermont) lied to him by not holding a hearing for yet another of Bush’s whackaloon court nominees.

You would think that Strom would be using his last minutes on earth to ponder why God would let a disgusting sack of grease like himself live to be a 100 when a great guy like Darryl Kile, who had a really good cut fastball, had to die at age 34. Even the Pope can’t explain that one, and he’s knock knock knockin’ on heaven’s door his own bad self.

Meanwhile President Thank God for Childproof Caps is getting really steamed because the Democrats won’t rubberstamp his collection of fundamentalist crackers and corporate suck-asses to lifetime Judicial appointments:

Besides Shedd, one of those stranded would be Miguel Estrada, Bush’s choice for the U.S. Appeals Court in the District of Columbia and a rumored choice for a Supreme Court seat if a vacancy should open.

Bush also blasted the Senate over Estrada.

“There are senators who are playing politics with this good man’s nomination,” Bush said, receiving a standing ovation at a White House celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. “There are senators who would rather not give him the benefit of the doubt, [my emphasis] senators looking for a reason to defeat him as opposed to looking for a reason to herald his intelligence, his capabilities his talent. I strongly object to the way this man is going to be treated in the United States Senate.”

“Benefit of the doubt”? Excuse me, but a bunch of people did that for Bush in the election of 2000, when we had peace and prosperity, and look how that turned out.

As Bush might say “Fool me once…uh…fool me twice…won’t get fooled again…Karen! This is tooooo hard!!!”

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