Dig your own hole

Just when Doug Forrester was about to run off with the title of America’s Biggest Ass Clown, Bill Simon snatches it from his grasp:

Republican candidate Bill Simon on Wednesday conceded that his allegation that Gov. Gray Davis illegally accepted a campaign check inside the state Capitol “is now in question,” and Davis called on him to drop out of the governor’s race.

Simon still defended himself for making the claim, which was based on now-discredited photographs released by a law enforcement group that is a key Simon ally and a complaint the group made to a state watchdog agency.

Well, sure, you get one debate and the bombshell you drop turns out to be a lie. Good job! Prior to this, Simon had to weather the storm over a jury decision concerning a multi-million dollar deal Simon did with a convicted drug dealer. Simon, known to be a big Urkel fan, must have stayed home to watch Family Matters the day they covered “due dilligence” in law school.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Pasadena, Dan Lundgren is smirking, knowing he will no longer be known for running the worst campaign in California’s history.

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