Supreme Court Groans And Holds Head In Hands

Mark Morford is a god. From his Morning Fix.

A father of nine ordered to have no more children unless he could support those already born lost a Supreme Court appeal. The justices did not comment in turning away an appeal from some sniveling overspermed dinkwad named David Oakley, impregnator of really not very bright women and total loser dad who should be not only banned from procreating, but from touching another female of any intelligence level for roughly the next, say, 75 years, who argued that it is unconstitutional for the government to limit his right to have children, as the court just sort of a sat there and stared at him, eyes tired and lids narrowed, sighing heavily, silently wishing painful genital warts upon him for many years henceforth, and feeling really, really sorry for this jerk’s brood of miserable kids. The court also turned back a transsexual’s claim for half of her late husband’s estate, sidestepping a debate over the legality of marriages of people who’ve had sex changes, mostly because the co! urt just doesn’t really like to handle the complicated sexual cultural crap anymore and would rather just kick back and rig elections and party and try not to drink too much Crystal and puke on Rehnquist’s yacht again, yo.

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