More NHL scores from hell

I wish this wasn’t coming from Pat Buchanan since it will be written off as anti-semitic nonsense, but Pat sees the writing on the wall:

When Richard Gephardt left the White House with the president’s blessing on a Gephardt-Bush resolution empowering the commander in chief to attack Iraq at a time of his own choosing, congressional resistance instantly crumbled.

The debate is over, the issue settled. If Saddam does not open up his “palaces” to U.N. inspectors, his successor will open them up to U.S. troops.

The president still demands a U.N. resolution authorizing force. But a Security Council refusal to vote for it will not deter him.

Thus, with millions of Americans skeptical, most of Europe opposed and the Islamic world either bitterly against this war or terrified of its consequences, the president will likely give the order to U.S. forces this winter to smash Iraq.

Congress’ abdication is astonishing. For no one knows what America’s plans are, once U.S. troops reach the gates of Baghdad.

Some, however, have made plans. Read antiwar.com. The War Party sees the attack and invasion of Iraq as but the first battle in an imperial war of conquest against the entire Arab-Islamic world

This caused this reaction over at freerepublic:

Pat Buchanan is not a conservative

I don’t know about you, but I love it when the rightwing eats it’s own.

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