Yeah. I’ve got an MBA, but it’s a home-schooled MBA

Glad to see those private Christian colleges are stll teaching our kids about traditional values. Gardner-Webb University in a grade scandal.

A university cheating scandal that triggered noisy protests and angry resignations has erupted on a campus few might expect: a small Baptist school that prides itself on its Christian roots.

Gardner-Webb University has been embroiled in controversy ever since the school’s president admitted he wrote a memo two years ago ordering a star basketball player’s GPA to be calculated without an F he received for cheating — in, of all things, a religion class.

Without the change, Carlos Webb would have been ineligible in 2000-01, the season Gardner-Webb won the National Christian College Athletic Association championship.

I love this next part:

The school’s trustees affirmed Christopher White’s presidency after a 10-hour meeting September 27, though they demoted a pair of administrators who had criticized White’s actions.

Gardner-Webb is still pretty small-time compared to Hillsdale though.

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