No Dick. When they say “foot in mouth” it usually means putting their own foot in their mouth

Notorious toe tonguer Dick Morris say that the NY Times poll that showed the economy was a bigger issue than war was a “push poll”.

Slant No. 1: The Times poll asks voters if they would “be more likely to vote for a congressional candidate because of their positions on the economy or foreign policy.”

The use of “foreign policy” throws the results way off and allows the Times to report that voters want more focus on the economy by 57 percent to 25 percent. But on Sept. 8-9 Fox News asked 900 voters a similar question – comparing not economy vs. foreign policy, but economy vs. national security. The results: an even split, with the economy pulling 32 percent and national security 31 percent. What a difference a word makes

In Dick’s (and Fox’s world) “foreign policy” and “national security” are one and the same. Well, no they’re not. “Foreign policy” dictates our response to the rest of the world. “National security” tends to be more inward looking. They can be linked, but they are definitely not the same, like, for example, “hooker” and “paid escort who has sex with you while you talk to the President”.

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