” How about if he says, “We may be bombing, but that new Monday Night CBS lineup is laugh-arific!”….?

The major networks passed on the President Hooked on Phonics speech, and the White House wasn’t happy.

If the president of the United States gives a speech but the broadcast networks do not carry it live for their tens of millions of viewers to see, did the president actually give the speech?

ABC, CBS and NBC all decided not to carry President Bush’s speech live at 8 last night. They said yesterday that they made this call because the White House never asked them to carry the speech live.

But the White House said it did not put in the usual formal request because it wanted to keep the American public from thinking we were going to war.

Yesterday around 4 p.m., the White House was rethinking that strategy. Aides called the networks’ Washington bureau chiefs to get them to reconsider and offered to beef up the speech, but still they made no formal request for coverage.

“On this call they were saying things like ‘what if we do this, what if we do that,’ ” one network insider said.


A senior administration official said the White House did not ask for time because it wanted to avoid alarming the public.

A request to the broadcast networks “would have started a frenzy of people thinking we were about to go to war,” the official told The Washington Post’s Mike Allen. “It wouldn’t have served the country.”

It’s nice to know that his own aides realize that everytime Bush goes on the air, the country becomes alarmed.

Bad News Bush.

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