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Leave no child unrepressed

Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice President Dick Halliburton, has announced that she will no longer be writing western-lesbian-bodice-rippers, in order to focus on her books for children. From her official biography:

Mrs. Cheney’s most recent book is America: A Patriotic Primer, an alphabet book for children of all ages and their families. The book, released May 21, 2002, celebrates the ideas and ideals that are the foundations of our country. On September 23, 2002, Mrs. Cheney announced her work on a second children’s book on American history, A Is for Abigail Adams, to be published next fall. Mrs. Cheney’s net proceeds from both children’s books are being donated to charity.

We here at tbogg (that would be the royal ‘we’) decided in the spirit of bi-partisanship, and since it is for charity (The Lynne Cheney Knees-Pressed-Together Foundation) that we would pitch in (because that’s the kind of guy ‘we’ are) to help Ms. Cheney complete this monumental task so that she can get back to her duties representing the Administration in the World Wrestling Federation reprising her role as Lynne The Erection Shriveller. So here is our contribution to Lynne’s future amazon.com bestseller:

A is for Ashcroft, the Crisco-anointed

B is for Bush, not elected. Appointed

C is for Condi, she missed all the clues

D is for daughters who sure like their booze

E is for Enron and Kenny Boy Lay

F is for faith based who don’t like the gays

G is for Gore whose loss really stings

H is for Hillary who waits in the wings

I’s for Intelligence that can’t connect dots

J is for Jenna who likes to drink , lots

K is for Karen who pulls Bush’s strings

L is for Laura who likes to read things

M is for Martha whose fortune did slide

N’s for Nebraska where Bush likes to hide

O is for Olson who died in the crash

P is for Pioneers who give lots of cash

Q’s for al-Qaida, Osama’s bad guys

R is for Rove who feeds Bush his lies

S is for Scalia who stopped the vote dead

T is for Trent and his helmet head

U’s for United, we’ve been told to stand

V’s for Vermont where Jefford’s the man

W’s for war, it’s the Bush family way

X for Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay

Y is for Yemen where terrorist’s hide

Z is for Zell who’s on the wrong side

You may now applaud..golf style. Thank yew..thank yew…godblessmurica.

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