Hey there Georgie Girl. Making fun of Perle so fancy free

Nobody else ever seems to link to her, but Georgie Ann Geyer’s latest is a keeper. Georgie doesn’t seem to care for Perle and Wofowitz; the Mary Kate and Ashley of the chickenhawks.

WASHINGTON — Some readers may have gotten the impression that I am unequivocally against a war with Iraq. As a matter of fact, that is not true. But one reason that I am against an attack upon Baghdad is because I do not think our military leaders are the best ones to lead it.

To the contrary, I think that our many superzealous civilian officials who are impassionedly leading the fight should be right up there in the front lines. Wars always need the most aggressive and “warlike” at the front. Instead, we find ourselves today in a virtually unheard-of situation where most of the men planning this abstruse war are hawkish and agenda-prone intellectuals who seem to think that war is the ultimate metaphysical experience — for someone else, of course.


I’m sure our servicemen and their families would love to hear this quote from Perle:

Richard Perle revealed his own deep concern for American soldiers when he was asked on a recent “Wide Angle” TV show about the threat of chemical and biological weapons to troops landing in Iraq. All he could do was announce, without any emotion, “These are not effective weapons in terms of the outcome of the engagement.”

No wonder the people at the Pentagon who have actually served in war hate these guys.

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