Score one point for the gene pool

This is too weird:

A father who was grieving over his girlfriend’s abortion of their baby boy, stood in front of the Planned Parenthood clinic in Overland Park, Kansas and killed himself on September 10.

Brad Draper, 44, shot himself in the head in front of the Overland Park, Kansas Planned Parenthood clinic on September 10. He died later in the hospital. Draper was grieving the killing of his unborn baby son by his girlfriend at the clinic.

Draper published an obituary for his boy in the local newspaper in June, 2002. In his obituary, he said: “Zachary Duncan Draper was beautiful as his mother, loved by God and others. My little baby boy didn’t make it to his Daddy’s arms. I never got to hold and kiss him, tell him stories or read him rhymes. I love you Zachary and look forward to seeing you in heaven.”

According to the family, Draper had seen ultrasounds of his son and was very excited to be a father until his girlfriend had the abortion without telling him. Family members say he killed himself on what would have been his son’s due date.

Sounds just like the stable kind of guy who should be raising a child.

Okay, maybe I’m being kind of cruel, but you’ve got Christian Theology-Boy who:

A. Slept with a woman before he married her

B. “Spent his seed” (as the Bible like to say) within her, getting her pregnant.

C. Then he commited suicide

He attended Olivet Nazarene University, JOCO Community College and Mid America Nazarene University where he graduated with a Business Degree

Did he skip all the classes about heaven having a three strikes rule?

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