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Hate-filled scary bitch-thing, Ann Coulter is popping a hemorrhoid over Torricelli (Don’t give her the clicks, I’ll give you the good stuff…meaning the more ridiculous stuff):

Democratic Sen. Robert Torricelli’s announcement that he was pulling out of the New Jersey Senate race this week looked like a confession of guilt in a Soviet show trial. In the reflection of his dewy eyes, you could almost see Terry McAuliffe mouthing the words to him from the audience. Especially the part where he paid tribute to the great Bill Clinton [my emphasis], to whom Torricelli evidently owes his deeply ingrained sense of ethics.

Ann’s weekly admission of penis envy.

But the Democrats had no qualms with the gifted senator (get it?) until he fell behind in the polls.

If you have to say “get it?”…it blows…like Ann at a Federalist Society smoker.

A vacancy on the Supreme Court could materialize and, against overwhelming historical odds, Bush’s appointee might be one of five votes to strike down Roe v. Wade. Then – God forbid – the public would be allowed to vote on an important issue! In some of the less-enlightened states, the public might not recognize the fundamental human right to suck the brains out of little babies.

Not that having their brains “sucked out” would stop them from becoming “constitutional lawyers” and writing badly footnoted books for morons.

The Democrats’ 11th-hour switch is in violation of state election law, which puts a 51-day limit on withdrawing from an election. This is not a random filing requirement. Torricelli’s Republican opponent, Douglas R. Forrester, has designed an entire campaign – polls, advertisements, issues – on the assumption that he was running against a specific candidate.

Finally! An admission that Forrester is an empty, very cheap suit with nothing to offer other than he is not Torricelli. As far as his “entire campaign – polls, advertisements, issues”, I believe if he goes down to the New Jersey Secretary of State’s office they can provide him a TFB form.

One may assume that violating the law did not even break the Democrats’ stride. The nettlesome part must have been explaining to Torricelli that he was to be replaced by former Sen. Frank Lautenberg – whom Torricelli famously, and not without justice, despises.

Which would put the lie to Forrester’s press release today decrying the “Torricelli-Lautenberg machine”. Can’t you guys (that means you “Ann”) get on the same page?

Democrats wail about every vote counting when they need to steal votes after an election. But in New Jersey they won’t even tell the voters who the candidate is. If Democrats could get away with it, they’d claim to be running “Ronald Reagan” in all elections and then fill the seats with the equivalent of James Carville.

The logic in that is about as thin as Noelle Bush after a two week crack binge.

Republicans couldn’t even get all Republican senators on board to remove a Democratic president who was a known felon and probable rapist.

Penis envy, redux.

When Democratic Senate candidate Mel Carnahan died in a plane crash just three weeks before the 2000 election, his wife, Jean, volunteered to be appointed to the seat if he won. Carnahan was behind in the polls before the plane went down, but in an outpouring of sympathy for the grieving widow, the dead man won an upset victory.

Well, that’s a lie. Carnahan was ahead against an incumbent. Maybe Ann has a footnote on this one. Then again…

The only items remaining on the Democrats’ death list are honest elections and a million unborn babies.

Uh oh…At 40+ sounds like someone’s biological clock is ticking. Then again, with Ann, maybe it’s just her fifteen minutes running out.

The important thing to remember about Coulter (other than her obvious lack of class, sanity, taste, or style) is that she makes no effort to tell us what a great candidate Forrester is (for obvious reasons). She has nothing good to say about her own party (for obvious reasons, redux). She just an attack dog, without reason or rhyme: mindless, frothing, and nightmarishly pathological.

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