The NJ Supremes say yes to Lautenberg

CNN says:

The state Supreme Court ruled Wednesday that Democrats can replace outgoing Sen. Robert Torricelli on the November 5 election ballot, while Republicans, who have promised an appeal, opened a second front in federal court.

But…oh oh..there’s dark clouds on the horizon:

The attorney for Forrester has said the GOP intends to take the case to the U.S. Supreme Court to keep Torricelli’s name on the ballot.

As the parties awaited the ruling, lawyers for Forrester said they would go to Attorney General John Ashcroft and file a federal voting rights lawsuit to force election officials to mail out absentee ballots with Torricelli’s name on them.

If ballots aren’t mailed soon, voters overseas — particularly U.S. military personnel — could be denied their right to vote, said Forrester attorney Bill Baroni.

“There are absentee ballots that are destined for overseas, to ships and bases, that are in vaults in New Jersey. Every day, every minute those ballots are in vaults is disenfranchising these military voters,” he said.

Yes. They’re playing the “fighting men and women of Murica” card again. The question is: will John Ashcroft (R-religious nutbar) go that far out on a limb even though it will appear partisan?

Yeah. Probably. He’s a loon. The man who couldn’t beat a dead man, thinks he has a chance to be president. That’s a special kind of stupid.

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