But if it started, like, you know, a big friggin’ Middle East war, then that would, like, really suck

The Bush administration points out that killing women and children in Iraq can save you $2.83 next time you fill up your Lincoln Navigator.

WARSAW (Reuters) – A senior U.S. Commerce Department official said on Wednesday that a possible war on Iraq could boost the global economy by eliminating a terrorist threat and releasing fresh oil supplies onto world markets.

The comments in Poland by Under Secretary Grant Aldonas came amid diplomatic wrangling over sending weapons inspectors to Iraq, which President Bush says is threatening the world with weapons of mass destruction.


“The combined effect may actually be positive economically because it would eliminate one of the real sources of terror and one of the real clouds hanging over the world’s economy,” he said.

“At the same time it will open up the spigot on Iraqi oil, which would certainly have a profound effect in terms of the performance of the world economy for those countries that are manufacturers and oil consumers.

“That obviously isn’t the point of any action taken against (Iraqi leader) Saddam Hussein and Iraq but certainly it would be one of the results economically,” he added.

Thereby showing us that he’s really just a sunny optimist who sees the gas tank half-full and not half-empty. Later he went back to his sun-dappled bedroom filled with unicorn posters and snowglobes, and flopped on his canopied bed to dream of big fluffy mushroom clouds that looked just like cotton candy.

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