A Sophie’s Choice for Kelly

Although not as spittle-flecked as his last rant, the war-drunk Michael Kelly still wants the goddam war to start, godammit. And the only thing that is stopping the goddam war from starting is those goddam Democrats:

Next week, most likely, Congress will pass some sort of resolution authorizing the current President Bush’s war with Iraq. This time, a majority of Democrats will support the war. But the party, at its leadership level, has already gone and done the same old hurt to itself.

There was Al Gore, telling the world that the killers of Sept. 11 had “gotten away with it” and broadly (if, in his trademark weaselly fashion, coyly) suggesting that the president of the United States was pursuing war for the selfish purpose of winning votes in November. Two days later, there was Senate Majority Leader Thomas A. Daschle picking up on Gore’s repulsive slander and vastly amplifying it on the floor of the Senate. A few days later, there was House Democratic leader Richard A. Gephardt, in a mostly reasonable op-ed column, echoing the calumny: “President Bush himself has decided to play politics with the safety and security of the American people.”

And, last Sunday, there were — most memorably, most indefensibly, most obscenely — two Democratic congressmen, former whip David E. Bonior of Michigan and Jim McDermott of Washington, beamed live from Baghdad, to literally parrot Hussein’s line — to tell Americans that, as McDermott said, “the president would mislead the American people” in order to get his war, but that, by contrast, “you have to take the Iraqis on their value, at their face value.”

This is not a little cabal of contributors to the Nation telling the world that the American president is not to be believed and that he wishes to send Americans off to fight and possibly die in Iraq because war is good for his party. These are men in the leadership ranks of the Democratic Party. This is the party’s mainstream. This is what it, again, has revealed itself to be. Parties do the darnedest things. To themselves.

Kelly still has not managed to get off his dead ass and explain why we must go to war with Saddam. Proof of weapons of destruction..Bush says so… good enough for Mike. Saddam threatening America…nope. Iraq had something to do with 9/11..evidence says absolutely not. So where is your case, Kelly? Most journalists (and Kelly still pretends to be one) have acknowledged, and Karl Rove and Andy Card have stated, that the war on Iraq is an election marketing gimmick; the “product’ to be sold after all the back-to-school sales are over. But for Kelly, it’s “don’t bother me with facts or evidence, just start the friggin war”.

We may very well go to war. The Democrats are close to giving President Dry Drunk the right to bomb the shit out of Iraq, and then come back 48 hours later scratching his head and giving excuses just like the old days when he had to be bailed out of the drunk tank.

Michael Kelly has two boys: Jack and Tom. Although I would never wish them harm, if one of them has to go war for Bush, and one of them doesn’t come back, I want to be there when Kelly writes his next column on what is “most memorable, most indefensible, and most obscene”.

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