Notes from the short bus

According to reports, President Cartman (“respect mah athoritah!”) has reached agreement with the House on an Iraq resolution.

Now, I’ve said this before (just ask my wife) I have always considered the House to be the Special Olympics branch of our goverment (anyone can play), which explains why Bush gets his way there so often. I’ve met both Senators and House members in my life, and I know that Senators, for the most part, have a sense of gravitas or propriety; they have weight. With Congressmen you get some insurance man in a cheap suit who made the rounds of the Rotary breakfasts and got in with the local Democratic or Republican commitee. Soaked in a fear-induced sweat, these climbers have one eye continually on the two year clock, worried that they may have to go back into the private sector and actually work, after one term, with a big “L” stamped on their foreheads. Their other eye is focused on the Big Enchilada…Senator.

But does anyone really believe that blowhards like JD Hayworth (R-potential heartattack) or Duncan Hunter (R-bloated windbag) will ever get called up to the show? Do you really think that Tom DeLay (R-Snopes family retainer) could get elected to the Senate? These overstuffed fulminators avoid deep thought like it’s kryptonite and latch onto any hot button wedge issue like it was the last doughnut in the box.

So, when Bush reaches a deal with the House, take it with a grain of salt. He still has to deal with the Senate where there is actual consideration of consequences in play (Patriot Act excluded).

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