Bob? Where’s your review of last night’s Matlock?

Bob Bartley, who was put out to pasture not a moment too soon over at the Wall Street Journal, wrote an…..”interesting” column this week about the Viet Nam war and Democrats. Outside of a selective overview of the war, he makes this interesting observation:

These sentiments led the Democratic Party to electoral debacle in 1968 and 1972. With 45 of 55 Democratic Senators voting against the Gulf War resolution in 1991, they’ve been able to win the presidency only with Southern governors who had no foreign policy record to connect them to the anti-war movement.

Huh? Okay Bob, stay with me here:

1992 Bill Clinton, noted “draft dodger and protestor of the war while in England”

1996 Bill Clinton, see above

2000 Presumptive winner George W. Bush (with an assist from SCOTUS), noted Texas Air National Guard deserter during the Viet Nam War.

2000 Actual winner Albert Gore, Viet Nam war vet and son of a southern Senator who lost his seat over opposition to the Viet Nam War.

For those keeping score, that’s three Presidential elections since 1991 and the Dems won all three, with one thrown out due to Supreme interference. At worst, the Dems are batting .666, which is only slightly higher than Jenna’s last Breathalyzer test…

Looks like Bob hasn’t been taking his historical Metameucil lately. Somebody tuck his blanket in a little tighter while I go mash up some bananas.

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