Bloviating Sophistry Alert

Yeah. It’s George Will again:

McDermott’s and Bonior’s espousal of Saddam Hussein’s line, and of Gore’s subtext (and Barbra Streisand’s libretto), signals the recrudescence of the dogmatic distrust of U.S. power that virtually disqualified the Democratic Party from presidential politics for a generation. It gives the benefits of all doubts to America’s enemies and reduces policy debates to accusations about the motives of Americans who would project U.S. power in the world.

“recrudescence of the dogmatic distrust “

How that just trips off the tongue. Someone over on Table Talk once said that George Will writes like a “smart-ass seventh grader who just found a thesaurus”. It makes you wonder who reads Will’s columns to President Cartman in the morning while he’s having his Cocoa Pebbles. Probably the same person who explains Marmaduke to him.

Anyway, Will brings out all the usual suspects: Jane Fonda ( who protested the Viet Nam war while Will was hiding out in divinity school praying to god he didn’t get drafted), William Joyce, Neville Chamberlain, Al Gore, Barbra Streisand (although Will’s fact checker forgot Alec Baldwin which should result in a serious dressing down as well as a reduction in his meager stipend)… Using a Will-like baseball analogy, it looks like Will’s relationship with the Pulitzers is remarkably similar to the Cubs and the World Series: won one a long time ago, but none are forecast in the foreseeable future.

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