Back in the saddle with Andy

Just when I thought I was done with Sully tonight he comes up with this:

Above all, Torricelli’s exit unfairly denies the voters a chance to punish him. Such votes are a critical part of the political system. They help cleanse the electoral palette, they allow the body politic to make a formal statement about what matters, and they drive the point home by humiliating the ethically challenged. Torricelli’s final, cynical move is of a piece with his entire career. It’s a scam and a duck. This time, surely New Jersey’s courts shouldn’t let him get away with it.

Earlier today, Joe Conason had this to say:

Just four days ago, Republican senatorial candidate Douglas Forrester demanded that Bob Torricelli step down. “Mr. Torricelli has disgraced himself and New Jersey,” he said. “The people of New Jersey deserve better. I reiterate my call for Mr. Torricelli to resign his office and apologize to the people of New Jersey.” But before Torricelli decided to follow his rival’s advice, Forrester’s friends began whining.

“This is a cynical attempt by party bosses to manipulate democracy,” cried the executive director of the Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee.” In other words, they’ve suddenly realized that the Torch’s resignation would allow Gov. Jim McGreevey to name a new Democratic senator — who would probably beat Forrester in a special election. Some people are just never satisfied.

If Andy had bothered to just read Conason’s comments written for Salon (which also, for some unknown reason gives Sully a check) earlier in the day, he probably wouldn’t have made such a fool of himself. Then again, he probably would…he is Andy Sullivan afterall.

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