Gimmee an S-H-U-T Gimmee a U-P What’s that spell? Not you George…

Trent Lott, ever the cheerleader steps up and defends President Cartman from those mean old Democrats:

— A congressman who questioned U.S. efforts to link Iraq to the al Qaeda terrorist network should “come home and keep his mouth shut,” Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott said Sunday.

Rep. Jim McDermott, D-Washington, who is one of three House members visiting Iraq to urge Iraqi officials to avert war by allowing U.N. weapons inspectors back in, has acted irresponsibly, Lott said.

“For him to be in Baghdad, the center of one of the most dangerous dictators in the world, with all kinds of weapons of mass destruction, to be questioning the veracity of our own American president, is the height of irresponsible,” said Lott, R-Mississippi. “He needs to come home and keep his mouth shut.”


“Why do they keep coming back to this issue and keep trying to hook the Iraqis into that?” McDermott asked on CNN’s “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer.” “My question really is, why do they want the regime change? I would much rather have disarmament here. And what they’re doing is really setting up to throw out Saddam Hussein.”

McDermott went further in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.” “I think the president would mislead the American people,” he said.

That would be Jim McDermott (D- Former Lt. Commander, US Navy Medical Corp), who was joined by Mike Thompson (D- Viet Nam Vet from 173rd Airborne, awarded the Purple Heart) that Trent wants to deny First Amendment rights to. They served their country and fought for freedom while Trent was turning cartwheels in Oxford, Mississippi.

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