I’d be lying if I said I told the truth

Tom Tancredo (R-Hates Mexicans) is now admitting that he was just kidding when he took the term limit pledge.

Tancredo said he backed out of the term limits pledge, in part, because he was not sure he could abandon his growing role as an immigration reform leader in Congress. He has not made a decision whether to run for a fourth term in 2004, but said the pledge is no longer a factor.

“Once I did make up my mind, I’m not going to lie to you and say I’m still wondering,” said Tancredo, who is seeking a third term this year. “Once you do it, you might as well send it out and get this thing through the snake.”

“get this thing through the snake”?

Sounds to me like he’s crawdaddin’ on his pledge and stiffing his constituents (which isn’t as dirty as it sounds).

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....